Tuesday, January 19, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Defense Minister Yitzhaq Rabin announces new policy of using "might, power, and beating" instead of live ammunition to quell disturbances. At least 38 Palestinians have been killed since uprising began 12/9 [WP 1/21]. Rabin bans food shipments by relief agencies to Palestinian refugee camps until general strike ends. General strike continues. Soldiers order W. Bank and E. Jerusalem businessmen toopen shops [NYT 1/20]. Food trucks are allowed to enter Khan Yunis, Jabalya,nd Nusayrat refugee camps; trucks are denied entrance to Dayr al-Balah and Burayj camps [WP 1/20]. Military, police, and Jerusalem city officials arrange to invoke emergency powers for Jerusalem police [NYT 1/21]. Dozens are arresteduring police sweep of E. Jerusalem's Shu'fat and Thuri neighborhoods [FJ 1/24].

Arab World: PFLP Sec. Gen. George Habash travels to Lebanon, meets with 4 Palestinians deported by Israel [FBIS 1/20]. Radio al-Quds broadcasts call for general strike [FBIS 1/20].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israelis drop tear gas from helicopters then open fire with rubber bullets, live ammunition in clash with stone-throwing demonstrators in Ramallah-area village of al-Mazra'ah al-Sharqiyyah; 2 Palestinians are shot, wounded [WP 1/23]. Military lifts curfew on Balatah refugee camp [FJ 1/24].