Thursday, June 9, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Report issued by 6 Israeli doctors concludes IDF should stop using high velocity bullets that have left 15 people fully or partially paralyzed. Report also accuses the army of misusing tear gas. Faysal al-Husayni is released after 9 months without charge or trial [WP 6/10, LAT 6/12]. Ya'akov Orr, military commander of the Gaza Strip, states that 25% of the 200 Palestinian police that resigned during the uprising have returned to work [WP 6/9].

Arab World: At Arab summit, Arab states pledge to support Palestinian uprising with "all possible means," refuse to state dollar amount of support. Arab leaders also refuse to dismiss George Shultz' peace plan, while reaffirming the PLO's position as sole representative of the Palestinian people [WP 6/10, LAT 6/10].

Other Countries: Israeli P.M. Shamir and Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze meet for 2 hours at the UN, announce that planned visit of Israeli consular team to Moscow will take place in July. Shevardnadze also states diplomatic relations between the 2 will not be restored until Israel agrees to international peace conference [NYT 6/10]. At meeting of the Socialist International in Madrid the Palestinian intifadah is called a response to "the unbearable social conditions existing in the territories occupied by Israel" [FJ 6/12].

Military Occupied

Palestine/Israel: Demonstrations in honor of the 6-month anniversary of the uprising erupt on the W. Bank leaving 2 Palestinians dead, at least 4 more injured. In Sebastiya a 16-year-old isshot dead while trying to hurl a rock at soldiers [WP 6/10, FJ 6/12]. 18-year-old male and 12-year-old girl are shot during demonstrations in Tulkarm. Shopowners observe a strike in the territories, including East Jerusalem [LAT 6/12]. Afternoon demonstrations erupt in Gaza City. One of the injured claims soldiers tied him up and dragged him behind a jeep [WP 6/9]. Two IDF officers are slightly injured when their jeep is attacked with Molotov cocktails [WP 6/10]. In Gaza, soldiers order a man out of his house and then demolished with a bulldozer; army says the man had tried to burn down a local government building [NYT 6/10]. Demonstrations in Bayt Furik leave 27 Palestinians injured [FJ 6/12]. In Balatah 100 Palestinians are arrested [FJ 6/121