Thursday, June 30, 1988


Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: Six-month jail terms and fines of $2500 are given to four Israeli activists who met with members of the PLO in 1984 [WP 7/1]. Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, Benjamin Begin, son of the former prime minister, and Labor Minister Moshe Katzav take the first three positions on the Herut list for the fall elections in preliminary vote [WP 7/1].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: A 20-year-old Palestinian who was shot during clash in Bayt Furik two-weeks earlier dies [FJ 7/3]. According to Israel Radio, troops used tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with demonstrators at the funeral in Nablus of a man who suffocated in clashes on 6/29 [FJ 7/3]. In Gaza City troops arrest 50 after firebomb hits military vehicle [FJ 7/3].