Tuesday, March 8, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Body of stabbed Palestinian policeman is found in refugee camp north of Jericho [WP 3/9]. In Biddu village, Israeli authorities demolish houses belonging to 2 Palestinians allegedly involved in December murder of collaborator [FJ 3/13].

Arab World: Fateh Revolutionary Council [Abu Nidal organization] releases 2 Oxfam officials "taken into custody" 3/4 in 'Ayn al-Hilwah refugee camp in Sidon [WP 3/9]. Syrian pres. al-Asad voices opposition to U.S. peace proposals but says he will not interfere with Arab governments wanting to support plan [WP 3/9].

Other Countries: Sec. of State Shultz meets with former Israeli ambassador to U.S. Moshe Arens. Asst. Sec. of State Richard Murphy leaves for Moscow to discuss Middle East peace plan with Soviet F. M. Eduard Shevardnadze [WP 3/9].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian shopkeeper from Mazra'ah al-Sharqiyyah is shot, killed [WP 3/9]. Army sentences 4 officers whose car was seized 3/7 by Palestinian hijackers to 35 days imprisonment for not carrying weapons while traveling off base [WP 3/9]. Military Court of Appeals releases 2 soldiers charged with burying alive 4 Salim village residents [FJ 3/13]. According to Palestinian reports, 3 babies died from effects of tear gas in Dayr al-Balah refugee camp. Israeli troops use tear gas, rubber bullets to disperse women marchers marking Intemational Women's Day in several cities; many are arrested [FJ 3/13]. Army imposes curfew on al-Mazra'ah; curfews remain in force in 'Arrub camp, Bani Na'im village, Idna village, Qabatiyyah village, Habla village, and Saylat al-Harthiyyah village [FJ 3/13].