Thursday, March 10, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Unified National Command of the Uprising issues pamphlet calling for increased attacks on Jewish settlers and Palestinian collaborators [WP, NYT 3/11]. All 40 Palestinian workers in Israeli income and property tax office in Gaza have resigned [WP 3/12; CSM 3/14]. Israeli officials order Hebron National Bus Company closed for 1 day because workers observed strike on 3/9 [FJ 3/13]. Jewish settlers and Palestinians clash in Hebron [FJ 3/13]. Nabil al-Ja'bari, chairman of Hebron U.'s board of trustees, is ordered held under 6-month administrative dtention [FJ 3/13]. Closure of Birzeit U. is extended an additional month. Administrative detention of Faysal Husayni, head of Arab Studies Society, is renewed for 3 months [FJ 3/13].

Arab World: PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat rejects U.S. peace plan, says PLO must be directly represented in peace talks [NYT 3/12].

Other Countries: Sec. of State Shultz presses Israel to rethink concept of secure borders and to consider "ticking demographic time bomb" [NYT 3/11]. Canadian Sec. of State for External Affairs Joe Clark criticizes Israeli actions in occupied territories in speech before Canada-Israel Com. [NYT 3/13]. EEC issues statement expressing solidarity with families of Palestinians killed during the uprising; EEC also approves resolution condemning use of torture, expulsion, and arbitrary detention in W. Bank and Gaza Strip [FJ 3/13].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gaza hospitals report 2 Palestinians are shot, critically wounded by soldiers [WP 3/11]. In Dura village, several residents are arrested in clash with soldiers and settlers; collaborator from village reportedly flees to Kiryat Arba settlement [FJ 3/13]. Large demonstrations are reported in Jabalya camp and Gaza City [FJ 3/13]. In W. Bank, Tulkarm camp and Bani Na'im remain under curfew; Gaza's Beach, Burayj, and Khan Yunis camps are also under curfew [FJ 3/13].