Friday, March 11, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: On the W. Bank, hundreds of Palestinian policemen resign [WP 3/12]. In Tel Aviv 70 Knesset members deliver petition to U.S. ambassador Thomas Pickering, asking Pres. Reagan to pardon convicted spy Jonathan Pollard [LAT, WP 3/12]. Israeli bus is firebombed near Tulkarm [FJ 3/13]. In Bidiya village, Israeli authorities demolish 3 houses whose owners are accused of attempting to kill collaborator. House in Hebron is demolished; owner is charged with killing Israeli in Jerusalem in October 1987 [FJ 3/13]. Israel bans exports to Jordan from Qabatiyyah [FJ 3/13]. Police arrest 40 Palestinians from inside green line in connection with demonstrations during which stones and bottles were thrown and Palestinian flags raised [FJ 3/13].

Arab World: Egypt's Pres. Husni Mubarak and Jordan's King Hussein hold talks in Cairo, voice optimism on Shultz plan [WP 3/14].

Other Countries: U.S. Justice Dept. orders PLO to close its observer mission to UN [WP 3/12]. U.S. State Dept. asks PLO support for new U.S. peace proposals [WP 3/12].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF announces demolition of 4 houses of alleged Palestinian activists: 3 houses in village of Bidiya, north of Jerusalem, and 1 in Hebron [WP 3/12]. At least 6 Palestinians are wounded by army gunfire in violent clash in Bayt Ummar, near Hebron [FJ 3/13]. Army restricts press access to W. Bank for several hours [NYT, WP 3/12]. In Ramallah, several are wounded when soldiers fire on demonstrations that erupt after Friday prayers. Palestinian is arrested in Jenin for allegedly trying to stab soldier. Violent demonstrations are reported throughout Gaza Strip; Bayt Lahiyah quarter and Jabalya refugee camp are placed under curfew [FJ 3/13]