Tuesday, October 18, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The West Bank Data Base Project releases 2 reports: One charges there is a double standard in the justice system of the occupied territories; the other argues the population of the occupied territoriess 1.7 million instead of the official Israeli figure of 1.4 million and that Palestinians in the occupied territories are worse off in terms of economic and social development than they were at the beginning of the occupation [WP, CSM 10/19]. Israel's Supreme Court rules that Kach cannot compete in upcoming Israeli elections, that the Progressive List for Peace can run. Kach leader Meir Kahane calls for Kach supporters to boycott the upcoming election [WP, NYT 10/19]. Report in Christian Science Monitor says that Palestinians living in the occupied territories and earning the equivalent of $16,000 per year are taxed at 55 percent, while Israeli settlers earning about $30,000 per year are taxed at 48 percent [CSM 10/ 19]. Police order Dar al-Tifl school in East Jerusalem closed for 10 days [FJ 10/23].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: During clashes in Nablus Israeli troops shoot, kill 2 Palestinian boys, wound 5 others including American press correspondent [WP 10/19, FJ 10/ 23]. Demonstrations occur throughout the occupied territories: in Gaza City 18-yearold Palestinian is shot, wounded; in Nusayrat 14-year-old Palestinian is shot, wounded; in Jerusalem 16-year-old Palestinian is shot, wounded [FJ 10/23].