Monday, April 9, 1990

Israel's Jewish Agency reports that during FY ending 3/31, only 175 of immigrants who were not sent to absorption centers settled beyond green line; also adds some 1,800 immigrants had settled in Jerusalem. JDS adds 41,500 total immigrants arrived during FY; 23,019 did not go to absorption centers, but looked after themselves [HAA, JDS 4/9 in FBIS 4/10].

Washington Times, citing unnamed defense sources, reports Israel is "reasonably close" to first test flight of experimental interceptor that could strike down incoming ballistic missiles; but deployment of these Arrow interceptors is at least 5 years away [WT 4/9].

New York Times reports Shimon Peres seems assured of 61 Knesset votes, majority needed to form new gov't. [NYT 4/ 11].

Syria's Pres. Asad receives Senator Bob Dole; says he wants better relations with U.S. and peaceful settlement to Arab-Israeli conflict [NYT, WT 4/10; DDS 4/9 in FBIS 4/10].

Representatives of Abu Nidal's Fateh Revolutionary Council begin talks in Beirut with Belgian delegation on exchanging Palestinian jailed in Brussels for 4 Belgians held captive since 1987 [NYT 4/10].

Elias Freij, Bethlehem's mayor, meets in Washington with Sec. of State Baker, discuss opposition to O.T. settlements [jDS 4/10 in FBIS 4/10].

Dahaf organization publishes poll that finds 80% of those Israelis surveyed want to change current electoral system, 78% want to directly elect P.M. [YA 4/9 in FBIS 4/10].