Monday, August 27, 1990

Pres. Mubarak meets with U.S. Senate delegation headed by Robert Dole (R-KS) and including Nunn (D-GA), Warner (R-VA), Garn (R-UT), D'Amato (R-NY), Nickles (R- OK), Symms (R-ID), and Mack (R-FL)
[MENA 8/28 in FBIS 8/28]; Sen. Nunn calls for more Arab military involvement in Gulf [WP 8/28].

Saddam meets with Arafat at Arafat's residence in Baghdad to discuss Gulf crisis [BADS 8/27 in FBIS 8/28]; PLO reports Arafat and Saddam have agreed on plan to solve Gulf crisis within Arab framework [MET 9/4].

Sources says P.M. Shamir is "concerned" and "astonished" over Washington's refusal as of yet to give Israel $400 million in loan guarantees for housing Soviet immigrants. U.S. wants assurances that no immigrants will be settled beyond the green line [HAM 8/27 in FBIS 8/28].

Jerusalem Post reports Gaza lawyers are informed by Civil Admin. that all prisoners under age 16 will be released from detention centers [JPD 8/28 in FBIS 8/30].

Bush admin. expels 36 of Iraq's 55 embassy staffers in Washington, urges 34 other nations with embassies in Kuwait to take similar steps [LAT, WT, WP 8/28; MEM 8/29; MET 9/11].

State Dep't white paper supports Israeli charges that Libya gave "crucial support" to PLF attempted raid on 5/30, but concludes the operation was directed primarily at Tel Aviv beaches and not at military targets, as Israel had claimed [LAT 8/28].