Tuesday, August 28, 1990

Iraq extends administrative border of Bas- rah several kms. south into Kuwait and declares the rest of Kuwaiti territory its 19th province, renaming it after Saddam [MEM 8/28; INA 8/28 in FBS 8/28; LAT, WT 8/29; MET 9/11].

Saddam decrees foreign women and children may leave Iraq beginning 8/29 (cf. 8/29, 8/30) [INA 8/28 in FBIS 8/29; NYT, LAT, WT, WP 8/29; MET, MEM 9/11].

Morocco elects to keep its Kuwaiti embassy open, says personnel there have become "hostages like a number of other foreigners"; Morocco expels 2 Iraqi diplomats in response to Iraq's measures against foreign embassies in Kuwait [MAP 8/29 in FBIS 8/30].

Jordan informs Iraq that it will abide by UN resolutions and enforce embargo to protest invasion of Kuwait [AFP 8/29 in FBIS 8/30].

On visit to N. Africa, Pres. Asad arrives in Alexandria and meets with Pres. Mubarak to discuss Gulf crisis [MENA 8/28 in FBIS 8/28; MET 9/11]. 

Unnamed U.S. official says small guerrilla bands in Kuwait have killed or wounded "a couple of hundred" Iraqi troops and have destroyed handful of tanks and trucks [NYT 8/30; MET 9/11].

Saudi civil defense authorities order more than 2 million gas masks for distribution to population in event of Iraqi chemical attack [LAT 8/29; WP 8/31].