Wednesday, January 17, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: With Soviet Jewish immigrants arriving in Israel at rate of more than 1,000 per week, Israeli officials acknowledge they do not have plan to handie the immigration, and new housing construction is months away [NYT 1/18].

Israeli political and military leaders react with alarm to Senator Robert Dole's suggestion that some U.S. aid to Israel be reapportioned to E. Europe [WP, LAT 1/ 18].

Arab World: In 2 interviews, Arafat expresses frustration over slowness of peace process. Arafat says to Cairo weekly Al Mussawar if peace efforts stop he will "immediately announce [his] resignation." Speaking in Baghdad, Arafat accuses Arabs of "impotence" vis-a-vis Israel, decries Arabs more concerned with events in Lebanon than in O.T., and criticizes Shamir's plan to resettle Soviet Jews in W. Bank [NYT 1/18].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli police announce that it has removed police officer from his post for "committing brutalities" during the 12/30 Peace Now rally in Jerusalem [FJ 1/29].

General strike called for by UNLU is observed in O.T. Leaflet attributed to Hamas sharply attacks Arafat for his willingness to recognize Israel [FBIS 1/171.

At least 2 Palestinians are wounded in clashes with IDF troops in O.T. [FBIS 1/ 18].