Tuesday, January 16, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Atty. Gen. Yosef Harish opens police investigation against Faisal Husayni for suspected incitement [FBIS 1/17].

Arab World: Egyptian F.M. Ismat Abd-alMajid arrives in Washington, meets with Sec. Baker. Abd-al-Majid's trip coincides with Washington talks between Bush administration and Israeli D.M. Rabin [FBIS 1/16; NYT, WP 1/17].

Arab Cooperation Council opens meetings in Baghdad [FBIS 1/17].

Other Countries: New York Times op-ed piece by Senate minority leader Robert Dole suggests 5% of U.S. foreign aid to Israel, Egypt, and others be redirected to E. Europe and Panama [NYT 1/16, 1/17; WP 1/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Military closes 6 Gaza Strip schools for rock throwing [FBIS 1/17].