Monday, January 29, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel's Rabbi Baruch Abu-Hatzera, Sephardim Jewish leader, tells tens of thousands of followers that Israel should negotiate with the PLO to bring about peace. Speech angers Shamir [NYT 1/30; JP 2/3].

IDF reports an increase in the number of suicides among soldiers; 25 in the last 6 months, compared with 11 over the same period in 1988-89 [FBIS 1/29].

Arab World: Georges Saadeh, president of Lebanon's Phalangist Party, resigns from the Syrian-backed cabinet of Hrawi [NYT, WP 1/30; MET 2/6].

PLO Executive Committee holds emergency meeting in Baghdad to discuss Soviet Jewish emigration to Israel [FBIS 1/31].

Other Countries: UN Sec.-General Javier Perez de Cuellar asks UN Sec. Council to renew Unifil mandate in S. Lebanon [MET 2/6].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF demolishes 5 Palestinian homes in Hebron-area village of al-Samoa [FJ 2/5].

B'Tselem reports that 38 Palestinian homes have been demolished or sealed for security reasons this month, more than in any previous month, except for June 1989 [FBIS 1/29].

8 Palestinians are wounded in clash with IDF forces in Ramallah; 9 are reported wounded in Gaza clashes; 2 Israelis autos are torched in Jerusalem [FBIS 1/31]