Wednesday, January 31, 1990


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Israeli D.M. Rabin says that Israel has temporarily halted W. Bank deportations. The announcement comes after complaints from Israeli human rights activists and a U.S. State Dep't call for more flexibility in deportations [WP 2/1].

Jerusalem Domestic Service reports that 4,600 Soviet Jews arrived in Israel during January [FBIS 2/1].

Arab World: The Fifth Assembly of the Middle East Council of Churches ends 6- day meeting in Nicosia with a call to support Palestinian independence [FJ 2/5].

Arafat meets with Soviet envoy Gennedy Tarasov in Tunis over emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel [MET 2/13].

ACC parliamentary committee opens meeting in Baghdad [FBIS 2/7].

Other Countries: UN Sec. Council extends the mandate of UNIFIL for another 6 months [MET 2/13].

Many of the Soviet Jews emigrating to Israel tell of rampant anti-Semitism in the USSR [NYT 2/4].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military demolishes 2 homes in Qabalan village, near Nablus [FJ 2/12].

General strike called for by UNLU is observed in O.T. [FBIS 2/1; FJ 2/5].

At least 12 Palestinians are wounded in clashes in O.T. [FBIS 2/1; FJ 2/5].

Israeli military closes 7 Gaza Strip schools for security reasons [FJ 2/5].

Gazan accused of collaborating with Israel is killed [MET 2/13].

Arab World: Army troops loyal to Aoun battle militias outlawed on 1/30. At least 28 people are killed [WP 2/1; MET 2/13].