Wednesday, May 16, 1990

Egypt's Pres. Hosni Mubarak meets with U.S. Sec. of State James Baker in Egypt's embassy in Moscow to discuss Middle East events [CDS 5/16 in FBIS 5/ 17; MEM 5/17].

Palestinian leaders from O.T. present Israel with list of 17 demands aimed at creating atmosphere conducive to negotiations [YA 5/17 in FBIS 5/18].

Israeli peace activist Abbie Nathan, returning to Israel after meeting with Yasir Arafat in Tunis, is arrested for violating law prohibiting meeting PLO members. Nathan was released from jail last February after serving 6 months for previous meeting with Arafat (cf. 5/17) [MEM 5/16, 5/18].

Asharq al-Awsat, citing Palestinian sources, reports PLO has begun regrouping its military forces. Last week, 1,600- 1,800 fighters began move from Jordan to Iraq, while some units in Algeria and Sudan will move to Libya and North Yemen [MEM 5/16].

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics reports economic slowdown for 1st quarter of 1990; cites more unemployment, fewer exports, increased imports, and growing consumption as reasons UPD 5/17 in FBIS 5/17].