Thursday, May 17, 1990

Swedish Save the Children organization releases 1,000-page report accusing IDF of systematic violence against Palestinian children in O.T. JDS 5/17 in FBIS 5/17; NYT, WT, LAT, CSM, MEM 5/ 17; FJ 5/21].

Israeli Pres. Chaim Herzog grants Yitzhak Shamir addtional 21 days to try to form gov't. [JDS 5/17 in FBIS 5/18; WP, NYT, WT 5/18; MET 5/29].

U.S. and Arab nations break off talks designed to reach compromise of text of a UN Sec. Council resolution criticizing Israeli settlement in O.T. [NYT 5/18].

Despite objections from U.S. and Israel, WHO passes resolution increasing direct assistance to Palestinians in O.T. [NYT 5/18].

Arab League Sec.-Gen. Chedli Klibi is handed memorandum from Bush admin. offering advice to Arab states on occasion of upcoming Arab League summit [MEM 5/23; INA 5/23 in FBIS 5/24].

Washington Times reports American Jewish leaders have helped broker a deal between U.S., Israel, and Ethiopia that would allow some 3,000 Falashas to emigrate to Israel [WT 6/17].

Israel establishes new police unit, Gid'onim, to deal with security problems in Jerusalem; 30-man team, from IDF elite units, will "engage in intelligence missions, deal with hostile elements, thwart terrorist activities, and handle disturbances in Jerusalem" [JDS 5/17 in FBIS 5/18; MEM 5/18].

Jerusalem Magistrate Court will hear deliberations on Jewish settlement in St. John's Hospice; Judge Ya acov Betzalel reports that court sessions will begin in late October, status quo will remain in effect until then [JDS 5/17 in FBIS 5/18].

Abbie Nathan, arrested 5/16, is released on $5,000 bail after admitting he met Arafat in Tunis [MET 5/29].

Israeli police arrest Jewish man they describe as "mentally deranged" on suspicion of desecrating c.250 Jewish graves in Lod on 5/13 (cf. 5/27) [NYT, WT 5/17; WP 5/18].