Sunday, November 25, 1990

Bush admin. says it has enough support to gain approval of UN Sec. Council resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq; U.S. would like UN to set 1 Jan. as deadline for Iraq to leave Kuwait or face military response (cf. 11/26, 11/27, 11/29) [NYT, WT, WP 11/26; CSM 11/27].

Defense Sec. Dick Cheney says that an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait would not solve Gulf crisis, because it is "only a matter of time" before Saddam acquires ability to threaten world with nuclear and biological weapons [LAT 11/26].

Teen-aged girl runs at Israeli troops in S. Lebanon "security zone," detonates explosive she had strapped to her body, killing herself and wounding 2 soldiers. National Syrian Socialist Party, a Lebanese group, claims responsibility [JDS 11/25 in FBIS 11/26; NYT, MEM 11/26; JPI 12/1; FJ 12/3; MET 12/4].

Man believed to be an Egyptian border policeman crosses into Israel, opens fire on passing vehicles, killing 4 Israelis and injuring more than 24; wounded by security officer, assailant flees back towards border [QUD, RMC, AFP, CDS, JDS 11/25 in FBIS 11/26; NYT, LAT, WT, WIP, CSM, MEM 11/26; JPI 12/1; FJ 12/3; MET 12/4].

As part of several new military appointments, Israel announces that Maj. Gen. Ehud Baraq will become next IDF chief of staff as of 1 April 1991, replacing Lt. Gen. Dan Shomron [IDF 11/25 in FBIS 11/28; JPD 11/30 in FBIS 11/30; MEM 11/26; JPI 12/8; LAT 1/1].