Thursday, October 11, 1990

After 3 days of negotiations, UN Sec. Council members struggle to draft resolution on Haram al-Sharif incident that is acceptable to U.S.; majority ready to support resolution sponsored by nonaligned countries, but U.S. threatens veto [NYT, WP, LAT 10/12].

New York Times reports Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders are beginning to raise moral questions about U.S. policy in Gulf, moving away from support voiced 2 months ago [NYT 10/12].

Independent investigations discredit Israeli gov't's version that Haram al-Sharif kill-ings resulted from carefully planned Palestinian attack [NYT 10/12].

At press conference, al-Maqasid Hospital doctors say many of the dead and wounded of 10/8 were shot in the back, indicating they were shot while fleeing [JDP 10/12 in FBIS 10/12]; Palestinians are barred from Haram al-Sharif [MEM 10/11].

One by one foreign embassies in Kuwait that defied orders to close by Iraq on 8/24, have been forced to shut down for lack of water, food, and electricity. German and Belgian embassies close leaving only 4 embassies - U.S., France, Britain, and Canada- open [NYT 10/12; WP 10/13].

Despite appeal from Saudi Arabia, German gov't rules out the sale of weapons to Arab states since sale would severely damage sensitive relations with Israel [LAT, MEM 10/121].

Tank-led Syrian troops close in on major routes to E. Beirut; Syrian military intervention to oust Gen. Aoun is at Hrawi gov't's request [NYT, LAT, WP 10/12].