Friday, September 7, 1990

Following talks with Sec. Baker, Kuwaiti Emir announces Kuwait's intention to provide $5 billion during 1990 to U.S. and Gulf states' military and economic campaign against Iraq [LAT, NYT, WP 9/8; MET 9/18]; New York Times reports that with other Gulf contributions and money raised by Treasury Sec. Brady on his tour, the sum "should not only cover the costs of America's involvement in the Gulf, but may even produce a profit for the Treasury" [NYT 9/8].

Sec. Baker flies to Abu Dhabi to meet with UAE Pres. Shaykh Ziyad, then to Cairo for meeting with Pres. Mubarak [MENA 9/7 in FBIS 9/10].

EC ministers meeting in Rome agree to contribute financially to U.S. plan to help Middle East countries hurt by trade embargo against Iraq, but decline to provide direct fi- nancial support for military buildup [LAT 9/8; MEM 9/10].

Dropping its longstanding objection to Soviet military presence in Middle East, U.S. says it would be "useful" for Soviets to contribute ground troops to multinational force in Saudi Arabia [NYT, LAT, WP 9/8].

Fighting between Fateh troops and supporters of Abu Nidal's Fateh Revolutionary Council claims at least 25 lives near Sidon, Lebanon [LAT, NYT, WP 9/8].