Tuesday, September 11, 1990

Speaking before joint session of Congress, Pres. Bush declares "Iraq will not be permit- ted to annex Kuwait," and hints military force might be used if economic sanctions fail [NYT, WT, WP 9/12; CSM 9/13].

Iraq agrees to permit Arab-born male U.S. citizens to join women and children in airlift from occupied Kuwait [LAT 9/12].

Clovis Maksoud, Arab League's UN observer and its chief representative to the U.S., resigns citing bitter divisions in the Arab world since Iraq's invasion of Kuwait [NYT, WP 9/12; FJ 9/24].

Israel's 100,000th immigrant this year is greeted at Ben-Gurion Airport with fanfare and visit from Minister Yitzhak Peretz [WT 9/14; FJ 9/17].

King Fahd donates $5 million to international organizations concerned with aiding refugees from Kuwait and Iraq who have fled to Jordan [RTS 9/11 in FBIS 9/12].