Monday, September 10, 1990

After 2 days of talks in Iran, Iraqi delegation under F.M. Aziz (1st high-level visit since 1979 revolution) announces it will restore full diplomatic ties [NYT, LAT 9/11].

Sec. Baker calls on NATO members to send ground-based forces to join U.S. units in Saudi Arabia; announces he will visit Syria [LAT, NYT, WT, WP 9/11].

General Federation of Trade Unions in O.T. estimate 56,675 Palestinians have been deported from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region since Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, but urge them to try to return to their jobs as little work is available in O.T. [LAT, MEM 9/11; FJ 9/17].

In gesture to break embargo, Saddam Hussein offers free oil to developing nations that defy armada of international warships in the region [NYT, WT, MEM, WP 9/11; MET 9/18].

After much debate, foreign ministers of 12 of 21 Arab League members agree to move Arab League's headquarters to Cairo from Tunis (Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Jordan, Yemen, and PLO boycott meeting); 5-member committee supervising relocation given 60 days to complete move [MENA 9/9 in FBIS 9/11; WT, MEM 9/11; CSM 9/12; FJ 9/17; MET 9/18]. 

Military sources report Syrian air force has issued orders to allow NATO spy planes leaving British bases in Cyprus to overfly Syria as they monitor Iraqi troop positions [AVP 9/10 in FBIS 9/11].

3-day meeting of International Islamic Conference opens in Mecca; King Fahd sends message to conference stating foreign troops will be asked to leave Saudi Arabia after the crisis has ended (cf. 9/12) [RTS 9/11, SPA 9/13 in FBIS 9/13].

Trial of former IDF reservist Ami Popper, accused of murdering 8 Palestinians in Gaza on 5/20, opens in Tel Aviv [MET 9/18].