Wednesday, April 17, 1991

U.S. military sends troops and helicopters into northern Iraq to secure large sites for refugee camps; camps are to be built near Kurdish cities and as deep as 60 miles inside Iraq as part of effort to lure refugees home. Sec. Baker defends plan at EC meeting in Luxembourg [NYT, WP, LAT, MEM 4/18; MET 4/30].

Suspicious of U.S. motives, Iran refuses to comment on U.S. camp-building operation [WP, LAT 4/18].

At Luxembourg meeting, EC foreign ministers tell Sec. Baker that Europe wants role in any Middle East peace conference [WP, LAT 4/18; CSM 4/19].

Iraq says it has promised to return to Kuwait more than $1 billion in gold bars, bank notes, and silver coins taken during occupation [LAT 4/18].

Palestinian leaders from o.t. submit to U.S. consul in Jerusalem a list of 11 questions, the American answers to which would help Palestinians decide whether to accept invitation to meet with Sec. Baker on 4/20 [MEM 4/18].

Two armed guerrillas cross into Israel from Jordan, shoot 4 farmers in border kibbutz, killing 1, wounding 3 [NYT, WP, LAT 4/18; MET 4/30].

Arab trying to swim from Egypt to Israel is shot dead by IDF in Rafah [JDS 4/17 in FBIS 4/18].