Thursday, April 18, 1991

Senate approves bill that urges Bush admin. to propose international tribunal that would prosecute Iraqi war criminals [NYT 4/19].

Sec. Baker arrives in Jerusalem for 3d round of diplomacy; on Israeli radio P.M. Shamir cautions U.S. not to pressure Israel into taking part in peace conference not to its liking [MEM 4/18; NYT, WP, LAT 4/19].

Iraq turns over to UN information its chemical and biological warfare capacity and its nuclear facilities, saying it has complied with demands in 1st stage of UN res. 687 ending Gulf war (cf. 4/19) [WP, LAT 4/19].

Amnesty International study concludes hundreds of Kuwaiti resident suspected of collaborating with Iraq have been arrested and in some cases tortured and executed (cf. 4/19) [WP, LAT, MEM 4/19; FJ 4/22; MET 4/30].

Kuwaiti ambassador to UN in Geneva criticizes report as "based upon a few excesses . .. and ignores the general situation inside Kuwait" [KUNA 4/19 in FBIS 4/19].

For 2d time, Iraqi gov't. extends its amnesty period for returning Kurds [MEM 4/18; INA 4/18 in FBIS 4/19; MET 4/30].

Thousands participate in Gush Emunim sponsored march in West Bank settlement of Karnei Shomron in support of continued settlement; location of march is changed at last minute after IDF refuses to allow group in new settlement of Revava [MEM 4/19].

PLO approves of 4/20 meeting between Sec. Baker and Palestinian leaders from o.t., according to Palestinian media [MEM 4/19].