Monday, February 18, 1991

Pres. Gorbachev presents F.M. Aziz another formula for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait; details of proposal not announced. Aziz heads back to Baghdad via Iran. Bush admin. indicates there is nothing in Soviet proposal that would delay or halt planned ground attack (cf. 2/19) [MEM 2/18; NYT, LAT, WP, WT, CSM 2/19].

Allies continue "battlefield preparation" for ground war with more than 2,400 sorties flown; F-16 Falcon crashes in combat, pilot is recovered; it is 21st U.S. plane lost in combat, 9 additional allied crafts have been lost [NYT, LAT 2/19].

Border skirmishes continue between U.S. forces and Iraqi troops; no casualties are reported; to date 14 Americans have been killed in combat, 10 by friendly fire [NYT, LAT, WT 2/19].

Hearing is held in Gaza military court for Palestinian journalist Taher Shriteh, in jail for 3 weeks without formal charge; court extends detention for 2 more weeks (cf. 2/19) [NYT, LAT, WT, MEM 2/19].

Lebanese Pres. Elias Hrawi says he plans to press Israel to withdraw from "security zone" in S. Lebanon; Israeli spokesman says Israel will not comply [NYT 2/19].

Red Cross president says blanket curfew in effect in o.t. since 1/17 has created serious problems for Palestinians; adds that Red Cross is in contact with Israeli authorities to try to alleviate harsh conditions [JTE 2/18 in FBIS 2/191.