Sunday, January 6, 1991

In speech commemorating 70th anniversary of Iraq's army, Saddam Hussein says he is preparing nation for great battle to liberate Palestine, defeat American "tyranny," and keep Kuwait [BADS, JDS 1/6 in FBIS 1/7; NYT, LAT, WT, WP, MEM 1/7].

Israeli Air Force jets attack PFLP camp southeast of Sidon in Lebanon, killing 1 and wounding 6 others [NYT, WT, WP 1/7].

Reviewing multinational forces arrayed in Saudi Arabia, King Fahd says he believes that Saddam Hussein will withdraw his forces from Kuwait before 1/15 deadline; also defends his country's decision to invite forces into Saudi Arabia [SPA 1/6 in FBIS 1/7; NYT, LAT, WP, MEM 1/7].

Sec. Baker says the U.S. cannot endorse 1/4 French plan backed by EC because it links Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait to settlement of Arab-Israeli conflict [NYT, WT, WP 1/7]; Baker also hints that he will give Iraqi F.M. Aziz dramatic new evidence of allied military power when they meet. Iraq's ambassador to U.S. says Baker "is welcome to go to Baghdad," but Baker says that proposal "is now off the table" [LAT 1/7].