Monday, January 7, 1991

U.S. officials say 6 Iraqi helicopter pilots flew to Saudi Arabia in one of most significant defections since crisis began; Iraq denies defections occurred (cf. 1/8) [INA 1/7 in FBIS 1/8; NYT, LAT, WT, WP 1/8].

Sec. Baker meets with F.M.s of Britain, Spain, Luxembourg, and Sec.-Gen. of NATO; says that coalition will hold firm even in event of war [LAT, WP 1/8]; adds that UN deadline will not be extended [WT 1/8].

White House says it will work with Congress to draft measure on use of force that can be passed before 1/15 deadline [LAT 1/8].

In Baghdad, Yasir Arafat says PLO would side with Iraq in event of Gulf war, and that idea of linking Gulf crisis to Palestinian issue was his and not Saddam's [MEM, LAT 1/8]; PLO says in event of war, o.t. Palestinians would create internal disruption for Israel if Jewish state becomes involved [WT 1/8].

FBI agents, seeking to deter possible terrorist attacks resulting from any allied military action against Iraq, begin interviewing Arab-American business leaders (cf. 1/11, 1/14) [LAT 1/8; WP 1/9].

Israeli gov't. votes down 3 motions of noconfidence brought about by decision to resume deportations. Vote is 56 to 21 with 12 abstentions [JPD 1/8 in FBIS 1/14].