Monday, November 18, 1991

Islamic Jihad releases British hostage Terry Waite and American hostage Thomas Sutherland in Beirut. Israel states it will not release any more Arab prisoners until it receives word about airman Ron Arad. (NYT 11/19)

Israeli police and border guards raid offices of Islamic court in E. Jerusalem, reportedly seizing hundreds of documents in search of "subversive" literature. Documents allegedly include court records documenting Palestinian land and property rights, some of which date from 12th century. (MM 11/19, 11/20)

Palestinian sources claim families of 350 Palestinians detained at Ansar-3 detention camp will be allowed to visit their relatives today, first time Israel has allowed such visits since Ansar-3 was established in March 1988. Visits will be coordinated by the Red Cross. (MM 11/18)

70-year-old Shaykh Radi Anis Bustami, imam of Jabal al-Shimali area mosque in Nablus, dies of wounds suffered 11/15 when Israeli troops fired on worshippers leaving the mosque. (MM 11/19)

Occupation authorities announce plan to encourage Palestinians inside o.t. and abroad to invest in development projects in o.t. The plan, which includes tax relief for new industries established and infrastructural development at government expense, will begin 1/1/92. (MM 11/19)

PLO exec. comm. mbrs. Mahmud Abbas, Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh, Sulayman al-Najab arrive in Amman for talks with Jordanian officials. Syrian delegates to peace talks also arrive to coordinate positions prior to second stage, bilateral negotiations. (Radio Monte Carlo, al-Ray, Radio Jordan 11/18 in FBIS 11/19)

Saudi Ambassador to U.S. Prince Bandar bin Sultan meets with some 60 American Jewish leaders in New York in first public meeting between American Jews and a Saudi official. Bandar states that if Israel freezes settlement building, Palestinians will halt intifada, Arab states will lift boycott of Israel. (MM 11/19)

Lebanese army deploys in village of Tayr Diba, S. Lebanon, to intervene inclashes between Amal, Hizballah fighters; first time in a decade Lebanese army has taken up positions within an area patrolled by UNIFIL troops. (MM 11/22)