Sunday, October 20, 1991

Israeli cabinet approves PM Shamir's recommendation to attend peace conference by vote of 16 in favor to 3 opposed. Tehiya party announces it will leave the government on 10/30. Tehiya Chmn. Yuval Ne'eman decides to support the Likud-led coalition, however, and resigns as party chair [party later reversed its decision]. (MEM 10/21, 10/31)

Chmn. Arafat arrives in Jordan for talks with King Hussein, who along with Arafat co-chairs a joint Palestinian-Jordanian committee overseeing participation of the joint delegation at peace conference. The two agree to give PLO a major but behind-the-scenes role in conference process. (MEM 10/21, 10/23)

U.S., Jordan sign $22 million military assistance pact. In March 1991, U.S. Congress had blocked a request from Bush administration for $55 million in military aid to Jordan to punish Jordan for its stance in the Gulf war. Bush allowed resumption of economic aid to Jordan in July. (NYT 10/31)

Roadside bomb near Kufr Rummana, in the Israeli "security zone" in S. Lebanon, kills three Israeli soldiers, wounds two others. (MEM 10/21)