Thursday, August 13, 1992

Pres. Bush announces that James Baker will leave his post as secy. of state 8/23 to become chief of staff at the White House. Baker will bring his 4 closest aides with him, will continue to direct the peace process, and will leave Lawrence S. Eagleburger as acting secy. of state. (WP 8/14)

In private meeting with top AIPAC executives, PM Rabin sharply criticizes the lobby for steering Israel toward an unneeded confrontation with the U.S. over the loan guarantees. According to the New York Times, Rabin said the organization "should not pursue their own initiatives, but rather take instructions from the Israeli embassy in Washington." (WP 8/16; NYT 8/22)

IDF shells Iqlim al-Tuffah, Litani River regions, overflies Nabatiyya and Sidon, S. Lebanon. (VOL, Radio Lebanon 8/13 in FBIS 8/13)