Tuesday, January 28, 1992

Secy. of State Baker and Russian FM Andrei Kozyrev open third stage, multilateral peace talks at the FM level in Moscow. Attendees include representatives from Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Turkey, China, Japan, Canada, EC, European Free Trade Association. Saudi Arabia has provided funding for the meeting given dire economic situation facing Russia. Syria, Lebanon boycott conference, citing lack of progress in bilateral talks with Israel. Palestinians also stay away after U.S., Russia refuse to allow delegates from Jerusalem, exile to participate. Algeria, Yemen decide not to participate in wake of Palestinian decision. Secy. of State Baker expresses "disappointment" at Palestinian decision, but expresses support for including Palestinians from outside o.t. at a later date in talks on issues such as refugees that affect them. (MM 1/28; NYT 1/29, 1/30)

IDF signs order establishing Jewish "civil guard" in W. Bank [see 12/25, 1/1]. (HaAretz 1/29 in FBIS 1/29)

Israeli supreme court orders IDF to lift nighttime curfew imposed 12/15 on Ramallah area by 2/11/92 in response to plea made by residents. (NYT 1/29)

IDF sends reinforcements into "security zone" in wake of attacks by Islamic Resistance Movement. (NYT 1/29)