Wednesday, January 29, 1992

Multilateral talks end in Moscow. Participants establish five working groups to discuss various topics in April and May in several venues. Groups and venues are: economic development, in Belgium; environment, in Japan; arms control and security, in Washington; refugees, in Canada; water resources, in either Turkey or Austria. Palestinian delegates send request to U.S., Russia, to create additional working groups on Jerusalem and human rights. (MM 1/29)

Secy. of State Baker meets with Faisal Husseini, Hanan Ashrawi, tells them U.S. and Russia will support expanded Palestinian participation in working groups in which Palestinians have a clear and important interest. (WP 1/30)

India, Israel announce establishment of diplomatic relations. (NYT 1/30)

Amnesty International issues report documenting Israeli torture practices in o.t. to UN Commission of Human Rights in Geneva. (MM 1/30)

Labor, Likud negotiators agree to hold elections 6/23; decision is subject to final approval but appears certain. Decision comes after three parties recently resigned from government, depriving it of a parliamentary majority. (IDF Radio 1/29 in FBIS 1/30)

Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek suggests Jerusalem could be divided into boroughs to accommodate Palestinian desire for increased self-rule. However, Kollek stresses that such a plan would not provide for full autonomy. (MM 1/30)

German navy intercepts German ship transporting 16 Czech-made, Soviet-designed T-72 tanks to Syria near Strait of Gibraltar, forces it to return to Germany, where investigation will be launched to determine whether or not German laws governing shipment of military materiel were violated. Syria and Czechoslovakia finalized deal involving 320 tanks in September 1991; U.S. and Israel later pressured Czechoslovakia to cancel the deal, but it refused. (WP, MM 1/31)

New York judge sentences Egyptian-born al-Sayyid Nusayr to 7 1/2 to 22 years in prison. Nusayr was acquitted 12/21 of murdering Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York, but convicted of several lesser charges. (WP 1/30)