Sunday, March 15, 1992

Israeli govt. spokesman Benjamin Netanyahu calls recent reports that Israel transferred Patriot missile technology to China a "deliberate campaign" to "slander Israel" by certain American quarters. (WP 3/16)

Responding to recent press reports that Jordan and the PLO have been discussing a plan forJordanian-Palestinian confederation [see 3/12], Nabil Sha'th, political advisor to Chmn. Arafat, states that the Palestine National Council already agreed to confederation at the Algiers meeting in November 1988. He also states that such plans presuppose existence of an independent Palestinian state. (Tunisian Republic Radio 3/15 in FBIS 3/16)

Mayor of Petah Tikva informs police he will soon put a fence around the Geha Junction in Petah Tikva to prevent Palestinian workers from congregating each morning looking for work. The mayor claims the action is to forestall possible terrorist attack against city residents. (MM 3/16)

IDF kills 3 Palestinians during gunbattle in 'Askar refugee camp near Nablus. (NYT 3/16)