Tuesday, March 17, 1992

Pres. Bush rejects Senate compromise plan on loan guarantees to Israel [see 3/13]. Bush continues to push for an outright freeze on settlement activity; plan did not require settlement freeze but merely called for a reduction in amount of guarantees annually dispersed to Israel corresponding to amount Israel spends on new settlement activity. Bush also threatens to veto any foreign aid legislation authorizing guarantees without calling for a settlement freeze. (NYT 3/18)

Powerful car bomb completely destroys Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. 3 other buildings, including a church and a school, are also destroyed. At least 32 killed, over 240 wounded, including children from the school. Israeli officials call it the most serious attack ever mounted on an Israeli diplomatic facility. (NYT 3/18, 3/19)

Gazan wielding knives kills Jewish woman, wounds 19 other persons in Jaffa. Attacker also kills Palestinian citizen of Israel who tries to stop him, but is himself killed by a policeman. (NYT 3/18)

Announcement made that Emile Habibi, ex-communist writer and leading figure in the Palestinian community in Israel, will be awarded the Israel Prize for Literature, Israel's most prestigious civilian honor. Habibi, who received a similar literary prize from the PLO in Cairo in 1990, is the first Palestinian citizen of Israel to receive the award. (MM 3/19; NYT 5/7)