Sunday, May 10, 1992

PLO Central Council concludes meeting in Tunis after heated discussions over whether Palestinians should continue participating in peace process. Council eventually issues resolution expressing support for continuing participation but linking participation in multilaterals with progress in bilateral negotiations. Council also decides that Palestinians will reevaluate participation in the peace process in October 1992. In wake of criticism of PLO leadership, Council also creates committee to study internal PLO structures. Nayif Hawatima, head of one faction of DFLP and who had been pushing for reevaluation of PLO policy toward peace talks and for reforms within PLO, expresses dissatisfaction with results of meeting [DFLP-Hawatima faction, PFLP, Arab Liberation Front voted against the resolution]. (Tunisian Republic Radio, Radio Monte Carlo 5/10 in FBIS 5/11; Voice of Palestine 5/11 in FBIS 5/13; MM 5/11)

Egyptian FM 'Amr Musa states no progress can be made in multilateral talks until bilateral talks lead to peace treaties. (MM 5/11)

King Hussein announces he will personally donate $8.25 million to restore al-Aqsa mosque in E. Jerusalem. Hussein intends to sell a country home in Britain to raise the funds [see 5/5]. (Radio Jordan 5/11 in FBIS 5/13; NYT 5/14; Radio Jordan 5/20 in FBIS 5/21)