Monday, May 11, 1992

Multilateral talks on economic development open in Brussels. Only Palestinian and Jordanian delegations attend [Palestinians include representatives from diaspora]. Syria and Lebanon, which had earlier stated that they would boycott multilateral talks due to lack of progress in bilateral Arab-Israeli talks, fail to attend. Israel also follows through on its threats to boycott any talks which include Palestinians from outside o.t. by staying away from session. Talks on arms control open in Washington. Syria, Lebanon once again refuse to participate. Palestinians do not participate, even as part of Jordanian delegation, because only states with militaries were invited. 20 other nations send observers to talks. (NYT, WP 5/12)

Fateh candidates win all 9 contested seats in elections to staff union of al-Najah University, defeating pro-Hamas candidates. Pro-PLO figures also defeated Hamas supporters in elections for the workers' union at Muttali' Hospital (Augusta Victoria Hospital) in Jerusalem. (MM 5/12)