Sunday, July 25, 1993

IDF opens "Operation Settling Accounts," using airpower, artillery, and gunboats to bombard towns and villages in southern Lebanon and the Biqa' allegedly used as bases by Hizballah and PFLP-GC. Attacks kill 3 Syrian soldiers, 1 Palestinian, and 10 Lebanese. Hizballah responds with katyusha attack on Israel, killing 2 Israelis in Qiryat Shemona. PM Rabin announces, "If there will be no quiet for the northern settlements, there will be no quiet and safety for south Lebanon residents north of the security zone." Secy. of State Christopher calls the violence "counterproductive," reaffirms urgency of peace process. Lebanese cabinet meets, decides to complain to UN Security Council over "Israeli aggression." (MM, NYT, WP 7/26)

Turkish FM Hikmet Cetin arrives in Amman on first visit to Jordan by Turkish FM in 13 years. Tour is to include visit to Israel, first ever by senior Turkish official. (MM 7/26)