Monday, November 29, 1993

5,000 Palestinians march in Khan Yunis funeral of Ahmad Abu al-Rish. 1 Palestinian wounded by IDF gunfire in clashes in Gaza City. (WT 11/30)

Fateh hawks cmdr. Taysir Bardini, 26, captured by IDF after gun, grenade battle in Rafah camp, Gaza Strip. Hawks announce "resumption of intensive military action" against Israeli targets. (AFP 11/29 in FBIS 11/30; MM, NYT 11/30)

PLO-Israel talks in Cairo, al-Arish resume. PLO official Nabil Shaath reports progress on release of Palestinian prisoners, but PM Rabin refuses to give details. Environment M. Yossi Sarid says "it's obvious more Palestinian prisoners will be released gradually." (MM 11/29, 11/30; WT 11/30)

Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza ("Yesha") announces formation of "Hashomer" volunteer guard units to defend settlements. Also, "Irgun Yehudi Leumi" (IYAL- Jewish Nationalist Organization) issues leaflets in settlements calling on settlers to refuse mandatory IDF service. (MM 11/30)

Hadashot publisher Amos Schocken tells IDF radio afternoon tabloid will close due to low circulation and falling advertising revenues. (MM 11/29; WT 12/1)