Friday, August 12, 1994

U.S. opposes formal UNSC mtg. on recent Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon, saying it would disrupt peace negotiations.  (WT 8/13)

2 Palestinians killed, 1 wounded by Israeli police following a shootout north of Jerusalem; 2 police officers, 1 "volunteer" wounded.  Hamas takes responsibility for the attack.  (WP 8/13)

King Hussein announces he will attend Mulid al-Nabi prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque 8/19 on a personal visit at invitation of Israeli leaders.  PLO Chmn. Arafat objects to Israeli invitations, stating invitations to Jerusalem should be extended by him, and invites the king himself.  (MM 8/12)

Greece and Netherlands announce they will open assistance missions in Jericho. Israeli F Min. stresses missions will lack diplomatic or consular status.  (Davar 8/11 in FBIS 8/11; MM 8/12)

Israeli TV reports Iraq relayed a message to Israel expressing readiness to discuss peace now that the Palestinian situation is being resolved.  (WT 8/13)