Tuesday, August 30, 1994

Israel rejects PNA election proposal, says a 100-mbr. legislative council is too large, Israel needs more time to see how PNA runs depts. already transferred. (IDF Radio 8/31 in FBIS 8/31; QY 9/4 in FBIS 9/6; WP 9/16) (see 8/20)

Egyptian FM `Amr Musa arrives in Israel for talks with FM Peres, relays Arafat's concerns about delays at Erez checkpoint, work permits, Palestinian prisoners, economic and security issues. (MM 8/30; HA 8/31 in FBIS 9/1)

Col. 'Adil Salih, head of Arafat's presidential guard, resigns over "power struggle" btwn. various PNA security branches over who will patrol Tulkarm area. Col. Jibril Rajub, head of PSF in West Bank, accuses Salih of enlisting collaborators in his forces, cooperating with Jordanian intelligence. (QY 8/31 in FBIS 8/31; MM 9/1; JP 9/10)

Lebanese PM Hariri says his cabinet rejected the principle of resettlement of Palestinians in Lebanon. A committee under Dep. PM Michel al-Murr will be formed to study how to improve Palestinians conditions. (RL 8/30 in FBIS 8/31; MM 8/30, 8/31)

Jordan cancels $30 m. trade deal with Israel under pressure fr. PNA (see 8/16, 8/17); agrees to give Palestinian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) 2 helicopters, train CAA workers in maintenance, surveillance. (HA 8/30 in FBIS 9/1; Al-Dustur 8/31 in FBIS 9/9)

Results of Syrian national elections held 8/24-25 released. Pres. Hafiz al-Asad's Ba'ath party gains 61% majority. (MM 8/30)

3rd Kach mbr. released after serving 6-mo. administrative detention following Hebron massacre. (IDF Radio 8/30 in FBIS 9/2) (see 8/27)