Monday, December 26, 1994

Israeli parliament passes law by vote of 56 to 6 (with 32 abstentions), banning official Palestinian activities in Jerusalem that could close Orient House in Jerusalem, PLO's de facto FMin. (IDF Radio 12/26 in FBIS 12/27; Al-Sharq Al-Awsat 12/27 in FBIS 12/29; WT 12/28; IGPO 1/4 in FBIS 1/6; MEI 1/6; JP 1/7)

PM Rabin secretly flies to Oman at invitation of Sultan Qabus, making 1st official visit by Israeli leader. (AFP, QY 12/26 in FBIS 12/27; NYT 12/28)

Israeli Amb. to the UN Gad Ya'aqobi says possibility of stationing military forces, observers in Golan within framework of peace agmt. btwn. Israel, Syria has been discussed in closed-door meetings at UN, informally btwn. UN representatives. (QY 12/26 in FBIS 12/27)

Arafat announces he will soon visit Jordan; King Hussein phones him to discuss visit. (VOP 12/26 in FBIS 12/28; Al-Quds 1/1 in FBIS 1/3)

Outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Baraq claims IDF is running successful secret operations against Hizballah "very far beyond" the self-declared security zone, in northern Lebanon, hence there is no need to expand zone. (IDF Radio 12/26 in FBIS 12/27)

Israeli West Bank Civil Administration declares disputed territory nr. Efrat state land, orders Arabs to evacuate. (IDF Radio 12/26 in FBIS 12/27) (see 12/24)