Wednesday, December 28, 1994

Arafat calls emergency mtg. of PA Ms to discuss Israeli settlement issues; cabinet issues appeal to EU, U.S., Russia, Egypt, Norway, UN to intervene to stop settlement construction. (VOP 12/28, 12/29 in FBIS 12/29; MEI 1/6)

Arafat announces appointment of Fu'ad Hamdi Busaysu as governor of Palestinian Monetary Authority. The monetary authority will function as central bank, overseeing all banks in autonomous areas. (Al-Dustur 12/28 in FBIS 12/28) (see 12/20)

Palestinians present draft of local government law covering council elections to Arafat, PA, bar association. Law would divide territories into regions; each area with 1,000+ people would be a municipality; each municipality would have a council, headed by a mayor to coordinate btwn. town, central government. Municipal elections would be held every 4 yrs. following general elections. Until then, PA is negotiating with opposition to form 16 temporary municipal councils. (QY 12/28 in FBIS 12/28)

Jordanian-Israeli joint comms. on water, health, energy, telecommunications, economics meet. (RJ 12/27 in FBIS 12/28)

PM Rabin orders temporary halt to Efrat construction. (QY 12/28 in FBIS 12/28) (see 12/27)

Los Angeles Times reports Israel has given China information on U.S. military technology to help in joint Israeli-Chinese development of a fighter jet. (JP, QY 12/29 in FBIS 12/29)

Lebanese army says it has detailed information proving Israel is responsible for Beirut bombing 12/21; names Ahmad Hallaq--Lebanese recruited by Mossad, trained in explosives in Israel--as bomber; says 4 accomplices, incl. Hallaq's wife, have been arrested, confessed. (AFP 12/27 in FBIS 12/28; VOL 11/28 in FBIS 11/29; WP 12/29; RL 12/30 in FBIS 1/3; WT 1/11)

Israel says it is returning to Egypt 800 cartons of artifacts taken by the Israel Antiquity Authority during the 15-yr. occupation of the Sinai. These are the last of the artifacts Israeli promised to return under the 1979 peace accord. (NYT 12/29; MENA 12/30 in FBIS 1/6)

Al-Ahram poll of Egyptians shows that, after 15 yrs. of peace with Israel, 71% would not buy Israeli goods; 75% would disapprove of Israeli factories in Egypt; 63% would not visit Israel; 53% would not like Israelis to visit Egypt. (JP 1/7)

1 killed, 1 wounded in clashes btwn. Fateh, PFLP in `Ayn Hilwa camp in southern Lebanon. (RL 12/28 in FBIS 12/28; VOL 12/28 in FBIS 11/29)