Monday, February 21, 1994

PLO-Israel security comm. resumes talks in Cairo to settle details of Gaza-Jericho autonomy plan.  Civilian affairs comm. also expected to resume sessions.  (MENA 2/21 in FBIS 2/22; CSM 2/23)

UN holds talks in Geneva with France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom on training Palestinian police force.  (MM 2/24)

FM Peres, speaking to Knesset Economics Comm. names Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Tunisia as Arab countries working to end Arab boycott of Israel.  Peres observes "the Arab boycott is the Arab world's problem, no less than ours."  (MM 2/21; Qol Yisra`el 2/21 in FBIS 2/24)

Syrian Interior M Muhammad Harba, speaking to Damascus conference on drug trafficking, says Syria rejects Israeli proposal for secret negotiations, calls Israeli proposal for referendum on Golan Heights an obstacle to peace.  (MM 2/21)

Settlers block West Bank roads with rocks, burning tires in continuing protests over killing of Zipporah Sasson.  Blockade coincides with "rush hour" of Palestinians going to work in Israel.  IDF prevents clashes by turning away Palestinian cars before they reach settler roadblocks.  Ballistics tests reportedly link weapon in Sasson killing to killing of Shin Bet officer previous week and 4 Israelis in 12/93.  (MM 2/21; CSM 2/22)

Lawyer for imprisoned Hamas leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin says his client's "life is under threat," but Israeli Prisons Authority spokesman says "there is no deterioration" in Yasin's condition.  Yasin is serving 15-yr. sentence in prison nr. Netanya for ordering killings of collaborators.  (MM 2/21)

Hamas issues leaflet warning Druze, Bedouin citizens of Israel to leave IDF "which has killed the sons of your people."  Hamas claims IDF replacing Jewish units in Gaza with Druze- and Bedouin-manned units.  (MM 2/21)