Wednesday, February 23, 1994

Round of Cairo talks btwn. PLO and Israel on Gaza-Jericho autonomy ends, PLO official Nabil Shaath telling reporters "there is only a little left [to do]" on autonomy agreement.  Israeli negotiator Amnon Shahak agrees "real progress has been made."  (MENA 2/23 in FBIS 2/24; MM 2/24)

Israeli PM Rabin, in Lisbon, says Israel willing to allow 8,000-mbr. Palestinian security force in Gaza and Jericho to be equipped with patrol boats, "1 or 2" helicopters.  (MM 2/23; WT 2/24)

Secy. of State Christopher, testifying to Senate Foreign Relations Comm., says U.S. would provide peacekeepers for Golan Heights if Israel and Syria "consider it crucial to their reaching an agreement."  Christopher calls Syria-Israel talks "serious."  (MM 2/24)