Thursday, February 24, 1994

PLO issues statement condemning 2/18 killing of settler Zipporah Sasson.  Hamas spokesman Ibrahim Ghawsha denounces PLO statement, saying Sasson's killing was unintentional.  (MM 2/25)

IDF attacks house in Abu Dis, West Bank, with anti-tank rockets in 7-hr. standoff with Hamas militants.  `Abd al-Rahman Hamdan, 23, killed, `Ali Ahmad `Ali Amudi, 19, arrested.  IDF claims the 2 Khan Yunis r.c. residents part of Hamas cell that killed 8 Israelis, including Shin Bet agent Noam Cohen, killed 2/13.  (MM 2/25)

Syrian Dep. Chief Rabbi Yusuf Jajati announces that all 1,000 Jews remaining in Syria have been given exit visas, fulfilling commitment made by Pres. al-Asad.  Jajati notes most of est. 4,000 Syrian Jews had moved to U.S., but 3-4 families had returned due to language, financial problems.  (MM 2/24; WP 2/25)

Beirut's al-Nahar reports U.S. selling 175 used M-113 APCs to Lebanese army for $35 m.  (MM 2/24)