Monday, July 25, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin, Jordan's King Hussein sign "Washington Declaration" ending state of belligerency at White House ceremony with U.S. Pres. Clinton as witness.  Declaration says sides "recognize their right and obligation to live in peace with each other."  Agreement mandates direct telephone connections, linking of electrical grids, and immediate opening of 2 border crossings.  Declaration also recognizes Hussein's "historic role" in safeguarding Muslim holy places in Jerusalem. Clinton calls Syrian Pres. al-Asad after ceremony, saying opportunity exists for progress in Israel-Syria talks.  Later, Rabin and Hussein attend state dinner in their honor. (MM 7/25; CSM, NYT, WP, WSJ, WT 7/26)

Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet in Norway to discuss sharing of water resources.  (Qol Yisra'el 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; WT 7/26)

PLO Chmn. Arafat swears in Judge Qusay al-Abadlah as PNA chief justice and head of supreme court.  (Algiers VOP 7/26 in FBIS 7/27)

Kach movement holds paramilitary summer camp for youths at Qiryat Arba, including prayer at grave of Hebron killer Baruch Goldstein.  Organizers avoid direct connection to Kach, outlawed after 2/25 massacre.  (JP 7/25 in FBIS 7/27; WT 7/26)

Hizballah ambushes IDF patrol in southern Lebanon, killing 1 officer and wounding 13 soldiers.  IDF tank unit pursues guerrillas to Yuhmur village.  (RL 7/25, Qol Yisra'el 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; MM 7/26; WT 7/27)

UNSG Butrus Butrus-Ghali, in report to UNSC on renewal of UNIFIL mandate, orders study of how to reduce UNIFIL's 5,244-mbr. force.  (WT 7/27)

Argentine officials blame Iran for 7/18 bombing of Buenos Aires Jewish center as confirmed death toll reaches 80.  (NYT 7/26)

Israeli High Court of Justice accepts petition fr. Tsomet party to bar Yi'ud party fr. joining cabinet.  Yi'ud made up of frmr. Tsomet mbrs.  (MM 7/25)(see 7/12)