Wednesday, July 27, 1994

Cairo talks btwn. Israel, Palestinians continue, Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath saying progress made on extending self-rule in West Bank.  (WT 7/28)

PNA official Nabil Shaath criticizes Washington Declaration clause on Jerusalem, asking "Who gave Israel the right to decide who has rights in the Islamic institutions in Jerusalem?"  Shaath says Palestinians will seek Arab League affirmation of Arab character of Jerusalem.  (WT 7/28)

3 Palestinian immigrants plead guilty to racketeering charges in St. Louis.  The 3 were charged with plotting murder of Jewish Americans, bombing Israeli embassy on behalf of FRC ("Abu Nidal" organization).  (NYT 7/28)

Car bomb explodes outside London building housing Jewish and Israeli groups, including Joint Israel Appeal, injuring 5.  British Foreign Office says Hamas claims responsibility; Hamas rep. in Jordan Muhammad Nazzal denies involvement.   Israel, U.S. say evidence in Argentina, Panama, and U.K. bombings points to Iran, Hizballah.  Security strengthened at Israel's U.S. embassy, UN mission, and 9 U.S. consulates.   Argentine authorities question 2 Iranians in 7/18 Buenos Aires bombing.  (WP, WSJ, WT 7/27; CSM, NYT, WSJ, WT 7/28)