Thursday, May 12, 1994

Palestinian police vanguard of 20 officers enters Jericho fr. Jordan. PLO and Israeli officials in Jericho and Gaza discuss transfer of powers. PLO official Khalid Qudra says after Gaza mtg. he expects full Palestinian takeover to occur 5/17. (MM 5/12; NYT, WP, WT 5/13)

IDF evacuates Rafah, Gaza Strip, turning over police station and military govt. HQ to 40 locally recruited Palestinian police. IDF also leaves bases in Khan Yunis and Maghazi, al-Burayj, and Nusayrat r.c.s. (NYT, WP, WT 5/13)

Israeli AG Michael Ben-Yair tells Knesset that parliamentary immunity no longer applies in Palestinian autonomous areas. Remark is directed at 3 Likud and NRP MKs staging sit-in at Jericho's Shalom Al Yisrael synagogue. (MM 5/12)

Israeli truck driver ambushed nr. Mogaz settlement, Gaza Strip, in attack claimed by Hamas. 1 Palestinian arrested. In Jabaliya r.c., Palestinian gunmen shoot at IDF soldiers, who return fire, wounding 1Palestinian. (WP 5/13)

PLO official Nabil Shaath announces appointment of 15 mbrs. of Palestinian National Authority. 2 women are among appointees. Israeli PM Rabin says naming of 15 of 24 mbrs. sufficient to proceed with transition to self-rule. (NYT, WP, WT 5/13)

Dep. Asst. Secy of State Daniel Kurtzer, in Cairo, states U.S. has pledged $10.1 m. toward job creation, construction, and training for Palestinian refugees. Kurtzer in Cairo for 3-day mtg. of multilateral working group on refugees. (MM 5/12)