Wednesday, May 11, 1994

Palestinian police take over Dayr alBalah town and al-Maghazi police station in Gaza Strip. Police cmdr. Maj. Gen. Nasr Yusuf says priority of Gaza force will be disarming Palestinian civilians. 2d group of 150 officers later crosses into Gaza fr. Egypt. (MM 5/11; NYT, WP, WT 5/12)

PLO police cmndrs. tour Jericho with IDF officers to prepare for next day's initial deployrnent. IDF closes Jericho to journalists, fires rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrating Palestinians. (NYT 5/12)

Knesset approves Gaza-Jericho agreement by vote of 52-0 after stormy debate in which 2 Likud MKs ejected fr. chamber for interrupting FM Peres. (MM 5/11; MM, NYT, WP, WT 5/12)

Israeli. govt. agrees to guarantee Gaza municipality's $12 m. debt to Israel's electric company. Power authority had threatened to cut off Gaza's power. (CSM 5/11; MM, WP 5/12)

Asst. Secy of State Robert Pelletreau, in Bahrain, says U.S. has pledged $500 m. to Palestinian National Authority and is providing Palestinian police with vehicles. Later in Kuwait, reasserts U.S. opposition to Arab boycott of Israel and says he is "satisfied" with Gulf response to his efforts on boycott. (MM 5/11, 5/12)