Monday, October 3, 1994

At ceremony in Washington, Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan, Israeli FM Peres announce trade initiatives to develop Jordan Rift valley, involving transportation, water, desalinization, energy, exploitation of minerals. Plans inc. $1.5 b. canal, free-trade zone btwn. Eilat an Aqaba, Red Sea Marine Peace Park. U.S. says it will send business leaders "to help develop trade." (JTV 10/3 in FBIS 10/3; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/4; RJ 10/6 in FBIS 10/7; MEI 10/7)

Syrian FM al-Shara` gives speech to UNGA saying Syria wants peace, but return of Golan is not open to compromise. (Syrian Arab Television 10/3 in FBIS 10/3; SARR 10/3 in FBIS 10/5; MM 10/4; WT 10/5; ITV 10/6 in FBIS 10/7)

Israeli PM Rabin presents policy statement to Knesset, outlines components of peace with Syria, hints that agmt. with Syria would lead to mutual reduction in regular forces. (QY 10/3 in FBIS 10/3; MM 10/4)

PM Rabin wins nonbinding 53-41 Knesset vote in favor of his foreign policies, inc. Israeli request for U.S. troops to monitor any peace accord with Syria; marks effective end of Labor party rebellion started 9/7. (MM, WP 10/4; WT 10/5; WJW 10/6)

After mtg. with U.S. Secy. of State Christopher, Lebanese FM Faris Buwayz says Lebanese track will not be activated until "features of the Syrian track become clear, not before." (Al-Hayat 10/3 in FBIS 10/5)

PNA Local Affairs M Erakat, Israeli negotiator Danny Rothschild meet in Cairo for talks on elections, expanding PNA authority in the West Bank. (MM 10/3; MENA, VOP 10/4 in FBIS 10/5; WT 10/4; JP 10/8)

Arafat, angry over PSF head Col. Rajub's conflicts with Israeli police, sends Rajub to Egypt for cooling-off period. (JP 10/3 in FBIS 10/3) (see 9/16)

Arab League criticizes GCC states, Tunisia for "hasty" normalization of relations with Israel. (SARR 10/3 in FBIS 10/5)

Palestinian prisoners appeal to Pres. Clinton to intercede with Israel to gain their release. Israel says most of remaining 4,000 prisoners are mbrs. of leftist, Islamist groups opposed to peace and cannot be released now; others have attacked Israelis and will never be freed. (WT 10/4)