Monday, October 10, 1994

Palestinian-Israeli talks on elections resume in Cairo, parties clash again on issue of opposition participation, size of proposed council, whether higher election comm. should inc. Israelis. (AFP 10/10 in FBIS 10/11, MM 10/11)

Jordanian-Israeli bilaterals resume in Eilat. (RJ 10/10 in FBIS 10/11)

Hamas issues statement marking 4th anniversary of Al-Aqsa massacre, says it will conduct operations throughout Palestine in commemoration. (AFP 10/10 in FBIS 10/11)

Under pressure fr. U.S., Jordan's King Hussein, PLO's Arafat join other Arab states in issuing statements critical of Iraqi troop movements. (NYT 10/11, 10/12; WP 10/12)

Iraqi Pres. Hussein says he is withdrawing troops fr. Kuwait's border. Clinton says intelligence reports no pullback, sends 550 combat aircraft to the region. (NYT, WP, WT 10/11)